Reiki Symbols

To the students of Second Degree alone, certain powerful keys known as ‘Symbols’ are given for their use. They are confidential and to be kept within oneself only. They are only revealed to only those who are taking Second Degree. By any chance, of one reveals them to someone else, they don’t work for such persons, because they lack the matching Attunement for the same.

In fact, traditional REIKI Masters say., the Symbols are sacred. They are like keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness or cosmic powers. May be in this modern age, one can think of the Symbols as feather-touch buttons, and whenever ione used them, he/she may benefit to that extent.

1 Protection

The Symbols if activated and used repeatedly may also clear a room of negative conversation/vibration and, this can be used to protect one’s home, car, children, parents, near & dear and anything that one has.

2. Emotional stability

The symbol given in the REIKI-2 class room work on the three essential levels i.e. mainly mental and naturally etheric and physical levels. Thus, the protection and cleansing are also on all these levels and includes protection from physical harm, verbal and emotional confrontations etc.

3. Healing unwanted habits

The Symbols one gets in REIKI-2 are meant also for use to change unwanted habits. One can quit smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.

4. Absentee Healing

There is the possibility of healing a person who is absent in front of REIKI –giver (Healer). This means that one can send it to people across a room, town, or even other parts of the country or world. Distance is no barrier when using the Symbols.

5. Programming Future

The Symbols can be used in the present (i.e. in the now) to ensure a better or brighter future by specifically covering one’s project or future event e.g. Examination, interview, Bon Voyage, Court hearing, Marriage, Surgery, Meeting, and so on). In case one is concerned about an important event or activity that would affect one’s life, one can use the symbols for that event so that it will be there to help that event when the time comes. When used in this way, REIKI energy gets stored up like a battery and when the time is ripe, it descends towards it programmed mission. People have used this technique to help themselves for Hob, Promotion, Interviews, Test, Surgery and a host of other possibilities.

6. Healing the past

REIKI can be sent into the past by use of the symbols in the case of traumatic experience one might have had in childhood or in his past, though he may not remember the sequence, but then one is grievously hurt as a being. It often helps that person to get healed i.e. one may not get hurt in future to such an extent, because his past is healed to some extent. If one continues this technique, then also, his future becomes bright and powerful. Because, one’s future is nothing but a reflection of the past.

7. Empowering Goals

If one is blocked in the achievement of a particular goal, it usually means that there is something to clear (read ‘heal’) before one will be able to achieve it. Importantly, achievement of any goal will be pretty easier if all the aspects are surrounded by the loving, harmony producing energy called ‘REIKI’ Apart from giving REIKI through symbols. One has to continue

To actively work to achieve a goal and in that combination, one will find everything working much better. If the goals are in harmony or in perfect resonance with one’s higher good, goal is even achieved beyond expectations.

8. REIKI Box

Another method of giving REIKI to projects is through intentions which should be positive, reasonable, specific and affirmative.

9. Healing Relationships

First visualise the persons who do not get along well. Then see them hugging and loving each other. Then give REIKI through use of symbols to that ideal picture visualized by you.

10. Beaming ( Short Form of REIKI )

If one does not have enough time to complete a full body session to another person at a distance by using Distance Healing Method, or in case of emergencies, it is possible to beam REIKI to a person (may be present or not). This process dramatically increase the amount or REIKI flowing through you to the person because you are completely outside his aura. We know, disease comes to the physical body only from the aura. Thus REIKI penetrates and treats the aura first and automatically gives the effect on the physical body whenever it is needed.

11. Healing the Dead

Visualise the dead person as alive. Communicate whatever you wanted to say but had not said when that person was alive. See that person as whole, complete and perfect. See his/her going away happily and see yourself happy as well. Then give REIKI through symbols.

12. Light Circle

This process is done in then second Degree Seminar which is to be experienced firsthand. Are you now ready to take off with REIKI-1 and then increase your power in the next Seminar with the world of possible possibilities i.e. REIKI-2 ? With love, light and REIKI !!!


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