Feature of Reiki

  • Since REIKI is a Positive and neutralizing Energy, there is no damage or side effect.
  • Since REIKI is drawn by a person scientifically, he/she remains changed with vitality from time to time.
  • REIKI works for results in a person according to the needs of that person.
  • No harm can be sustained to a person with REIKI as it a Divine Energy.
  • A REIKI channel is also charged with energy to the same extent & duration for which, he/she has given REIKI treatment to another.
  • REIKI can ensure better health. Both physical and mental which are interdependent on each other.

REIKI is thought and treatment given only to those who ask for it with openness for learning, Healing, Peace & Relaxation.

Exchange of energy is essential for getting initiation or treatment on the principle of ‘Give & Take.”

One is aware that it is essential to possess the necessities of life by realizing their importance and, in the same way, for sure, possessing and experiencing REIKI in your hands shall bring rich dividends to you, and you only.

May the rest of your life be Pleasant, Happy and Secured-now that you are waiting to be the REIKI Channel.

Reiki Meditation
Reiki Flower