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Reiki Meditation
Dear REIKI Sadhak

We have organised REIKI Seminars / Workshops – a Traditional Holistic Method of Healing the Body; Mind & Soul and for achieving desired Goals & Intentions - as follows :

Courses Date/Time Place
USUI REIKI Level 1 Seminar USUI Reiki Basic for Hand on Healing. Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th February 2024 9-30 am to 2-30 pm Vadodara
USUI Reiki Level 2 Seminar Advance REIKI Seminar for Distance Healing or Absentee Healing Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th February 2024 9-30 am to 2-30 pm Vadodara
USUI Reiki 3A - Reiki Master Part 1 Saturday 24th February 2024 9-30 am to 2-30 pm Vadodara
Crystal Reiki - Reiki Healing through Crystals. Sunday 25th February 2024 9-30 am to 2-30 pm Vadodara
USUI REIKI MASTER - Reiki 3B Training. Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March 2024 9-30 am to 2-30 pm Vadodara
Karuna Reiki 1&2 Saturday 30th March 2024 9-30 am to 6-30 pm. Vadodara
KARUNA REIKI MASTER Course Sunday 31st March 24 9-30 am to 6-30 pm Vadodara

For Registration & Contribution Details Email : or WattsApp Call/Message on +91 9824019717
Registration personally before Wednesday WattsApp on : 09824019717

Participants will bring 10 red rose flowers for the Seminar / Workshop.

Important guidelines due to covid19
1. ONLY 3 PARTICIPANTS PER BATCH BECAUSE OF SOCIAL DISTANCE 2. Wearing Mask ; Frequent Hand Sanitisation & Keeping Social Distance including all other Government Instructions will be compulsory to follow for all during Seminars

Participants will bring home made Lunch & water for self during the Seminar.

Repeating Reiki Sadhaks
who are Attuned/Initiated by our Reiki Master Shri Harenbhai Patel will pay 50% contribution for repetition & will bring 10 Rose Flowers / Home made Lunch for Self

Guest’s Free Healing
Guests are invited for free Healing Session during every Seminar on Sunday at 4-00 pm.

Weekly Healing ; Meditation ; Intro-Talk & Registration for the Courses:
We meet every Wednesday at 07-00 pm at the REIKI center for Healing; Meditation ; Intro-talk for the Guests & New Participants & Registration for the Courses. You can participate along with your Friends, Relatives & Loved Ones. Participants will bring 10 Rose Flowers. Venue : 8 / Neel Kamal ; Opp Pragati Bank ; On the Opposite Road of Ghelani Petrol Pump ; Nizampura ; Vadodara – 390002. Call : 09824019717

Reiki Meditation Cassettes & Reiki Experiences DVDs
"Reiki Meditation Cassettes for Better Health" and "Reiki Experiences DVDs" are available during Wednesday Meditation.


City Address Contact No.

Looking forward to your own Participation & Participation of your Friends, Relatives & Loved Ones in the Reiki Basic Course/ Reiki Advance Course & Reiki Masters Courses. With Regards Love; Light & Reiki; We remain

Reiki Seminar Coordinator
3rd February 2024



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