Effects of Reiki

REIKI benefits each individual in a very personal way. That is to say, the results being determined by the needs of a person. Some of the most common effects are:

  • Extremely Pleasant, Blissful & Holistic Method of Healing
  • Accelerates the Body’s Natural ability to Heal itself.
  • Stimulates the Immune System.
  • Cleanses Toxins from the Body.
  • Effective ancillary treatment for Chronic and Acute Illness or Injury.
  • Revitalizes Body, Mind and Soul.
  • Loosens up Blocked Energy and Promotes the State of Total Relaxations.
  • Releases Emotions & Stress
  • Functions on all levels whether Mental or Spiritual, Bodily or Emotional.
  • Works on Causal level of Diseases.
  • Gives Peace, Confidence & Security.
  • Balances & amplifies the Body’s Energies, which helps to increase productivity.
  • Increases the Awareness, Mental Clarity & Creativity.
  • Re-establishes Spiritual Equilibrium & Mental Wellbeing.
  • Reverses the Ageing Process.
  • REIKI being an ancient art of Holistic Healing it does not conflict with individual Religious Beliefs and is intended to compliment and be used along with Medical Treatment Simultaneously; and not as a substitute for the Medical Treatment.
  • REIKI Practitioner never suggests a client that they do not need to see a Doctor
  • Advance REIKI Practitioners can heal at a Distance-through the power of their Third Eye which develops their Intuition and Telepathy.

REIKI is an extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress release. One is filled with a feeling of peace. Vitality, joy and often combined with a pleasant feeling of security & Confidence in own self. In fact, REIKI is a wonderful tool to help one’s own self development of awareness, the very key to Enlightenment.

REIKI is never excess to any persons because the persons draws it in just measure of his requirement. Hence, no damage done.

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