Sashikant Pandit
      I have heard about Reiki and wanted to learn but for some or other reason I was not able to do it for a long time. Then I got in touch with Shri Haren Patel, Reiki Center Baroda and undertook training for Level-1 under him. I started feeling relaxed and charged up right from the day one of the training. I felt relieved from all my tensions. On completion of my training I started giving Reiki to my daughter, who used to be very naughty. Whenever I used to give her Reiki she starts going into a deep trance for couple of hours. In yet another occasion she started suffering from Diarrhea in the middle of the night and I gave her Reiki and by morning she was hale and healthy. At other occasions I have given Reiki to my students so that they can stay calm and composed and concentrate on their studies.