Rajesh Vyas
Working in Government Sector

      I am also a stage - artist, script writer and director. I would like to mention an incident that took place around 2006 or 2007 and which has a longing effect in my life. At that time I was working on a documentary film on Nature Education for Children and for that project we selected Pavagadh, a valley surrounded by forests around 60 KM from Vadodara City (Gujarat, India), as the location. We reached the location in the night as we wanted to shoot the sunrise and selected a spot. Next day early morning we reached the spot and started shooting and all of a sudden the camera went dead; the cameraman did not know what went wrong and he did what he could do to the best of his knowledge but could not get the camera working. The complete unit was tense as we were losing critical moments; all of a sudden Reiki came into my mind. Till that moment I have tried Reiki on living beings and it always worked so I thought of trying it on a non-living thing and I started giving Reiki to the camera. The complete unit was watching me, giving Reiki, in awe not knowing what I was doing. In 5 to 6 minutes time the camera came back to life and we were able to finish off the shoot successfully. The complete team was in praise for me and was calling me a magician; I explained them about Reiki.