Nishant Shah
An Executive in MNC
      I had been living a hectic life – Long working hours, Deadlines, constant travelling; a very monotonous life. I had always wanted to do something different, something exciting but was not able. I was always bogged down with issues at Work and Home and at times with the happenings of accidents and terror activities occurring at various places. With all this negativity in my thoughts my immune system was down I had fallen prey to illness frequently. At that point of time I had heard about Reiki and thought it as a medium to heal ones illness and not to overcome ones negatives’. I then did a search on the Internet to find out who all teaches Reiki in the town I live. I came across Reiki Center Baroda, I went through its website in detail to understand more about Reiki, the content of the site were very enlightening. I then contacted Shri Haren Patel, Reiki Grandmaster, Reiki Center Baroda. When I visited the center I met few people over there who shared their experiences with me. On hearing their experiences I made up my mind to learn Reiki and joined for the 1st Degree (or Level-1). I had a truly soothing experience during my training days. Each day after the training I used to find a lot of change in myself my pessimism making way to optimism. After the training my colleagues could see a change in my outlook and found me a totally different person who is ready to take up initiatives and having very positive mind-set. After learning Reiki I am now able to concentrate on positive aspects of life and take up activities which hitherto I could only think of but was not able to take up. I am now able to take total control of my thoughts and do what I intend to which was not the case earlier. I think every one should learn Reiki as it has innumerable benefits and treat the time spent on training as an investment for good returns.