Navin Parmar
A Tailor by Profession
      I have learnt Reiki under Reiki Grandmaster, Shri Haren Patel, of Reiki Center Baroda. I have undergone training for Level-1 as well as Level-2. I would like to mention couple of incidences where healing was done using Reiki. In one such incidence a family member had a swelling in the womb; I started giving Reiki to her and in few days time the swelling had ceased which was also concurred by the Sonography reports. I continued giving Reiki and when the she underwent Sonography for the second time the report confirmed that the swelling no longer existed. In second incidence my niece had met with an accident and was bleeding profusely, the wound was deep and it looked like she would require stitches to close the wound, I immediately started giving Reiki to her and in no time the bleeding stopped and only a minor dressing of the wound was required. A third incidence is about myself; being tailor by profession I had great difficulty passing the thread through the needle; I started Self-Healing my eyes and in few days I was able to pass the thread through the needle without any difficulty.