Naresh Sinha
A top-level executive in a Public Sector Company
      I had learnt Reiki from Grandmaster, Shri Haren Patel, Reiki Center Baroda, in 2004. I have learnt both Level-1 and Level-2 Since then I have been constantly practicing Reiki. I have been giving Reiki to my acquaintances as well as doing Self-Healing. I would like to share couple of incidents over here which has led my faith in Reiki increased manifold. In one such incident my family along with our acquaintances had gathered for a dinner. There was a small girl, aged around 7, also present over there and was looking very disturbed. On enquiring from her parent I found that she had frequent bouts of migraine; I asked if I could talk to her and her parents agreed. I took the girl to a room and explained her about Reiki and its powers and ask her to follow my steps and I started giving her Reiki. In no time the girl went into a deep slumber. When she woke up she was a cheerful girl and all her pain had ceased which was not the case when she was under medication. Another incident that I would like to share that occurred when I was undergoing training for Level-1. The training was being conducted in a Unit on 6th Floor of a multi-storey building and that was the first day of my training. We had dispersed for a break and I wanted to go to the ground floor, when I stepped out of the Unit there was a power failure and was not in a position to use the elevator which was on a different floor. At that moment one of my fellow trainee and myself (after learning that Reiki can be given to both living as well as non-living beings) started giving Reiki to the elevator. When our eyes were closed and we were giving Reiki we could here a rumbling noise as if the elevator has started moving and when we opened our eyes we could see that the elevator had arrived on our floor and the doors of the elevator were open. This and many other incidents have increased my faith in Reiki and I have become an ardent practitioner. Reiki as become an important element in my life. At that point of time I had heard of Reiki but thought that it was just a channel to heal illness and not to overcome the negatives in your mindset.