Jayesh Patel
      I have learnt Reiki Level-1 and Level-2 from Shri Haren Patel, Grandmaster, Reiki Center Baroda. I have benefitted a lot from Reiki; my self-confidence has increased, my mind is at peace and am able to control my anger after learning Reiki. After I had done self-healing there was a glow in my face and I could feel divine presence around me. My acquaintances could feel the change in me and used to point to the glow on my face. I had lots of negativity within myself which I was able to overcome by doing a self-healing. Earlier acquaintances that used to ignore me or would stay away from me because of my negativity have started welcoming me. I feel learning Reiki as a divine experience. Reiki helps uplifting your spirit and gaining inner strength.