Jasumati Unadkat
Retired Teacher

      I have learnt Reiki from Reiki Grandmaster, Shri Haren Patel (Reiki Center Baroda) in 2004. I would like to mention couple of incidents over here. Once I visited my daughter, who stays overseas; over there one of her female acquaintance was suffering from Diabetes and Blood Pressure and had health complications because of this. I started giving Reiki (on all 24 parts) to her and she slowly recovered and all her complications ceased and she started living a normal life. In a second incident my sister-in-law, her son and her daughter-in-law had come from overseas. One day during the night the daughter-in-law suddenly fell ill and they were not able to get in touch with any doctors. I suggested that I could heal using Reiki to which they agreed and I started giving her Reiki. Next day morning the daughter-in-law was surprised that she was completely cured and there were no signs of illness. I have been constantly healing my family members, acquaintances with Reiki and all of them been feeling better after I have given them Reiki. I do Self-Healing as well as Distant-Healing too. I feel that everyone should learn and practice Reiki as it increases an inner-strength of a person.