Harshad Raval
A Security Personnel
      I have been working as a Security Guard and while performing my duties I suddenly developed a problem with one of the nerves in the spinal chord. I was unable to keep my left hand down in a normal position; I used to be in great pain while keeping the hand in this position. The only time I could be relieved of the pain is when I stretch my hand above my shoulders. I used to ride by bicycle in this manner too. I suffered with this problem for almost 2 years. During these 2 years I had undergone treatment even under couple of specialists but to no avail. It is at this point of time I read about Reiki and its benefits. I then approached Shri Haren Patel, Reiki Center Baroda, who enlightened me about the benefits of Reiki. I undertook healing for this problem and within 2 and half months I was totally relieved of my pain and I started leaving normally. This encouraged me to learn Reiki and I underwent training under Reiki Grandmaster, Shri Haren Patel. Over here I would like to mention another incident; I used to leave in a rental property and my financial status was not good that I could own a property. On completion of Level-2, I had written down my intention (of owning a property) in a piece of paper and had put it in a Reiki box. I started giving Reiki to it regularly and in three months of time I bought a property. All this has happened because of Reiki. I was no overwhelmed that I went underwent training for Level-3.