Smita Parekh

      I have learnt Reiki from Reiki Grandmaster, Shri Haren Patel (Reiki Center Baroda). I used to suffer from severe joint pains and had difficulty in walking; for which I had undergone treatment and investigations which yielded no results. I used to leave with constant pain and was not sure how to overcome this. On coming to know of my problems my neighbour, an acquaintance, started healing me with Reiki and in a short duration I started feeling better. The acquaintance advised me to learn Reiki so that I can start Self-Healing and asked me to get in touch with Reiki Grandmaster, Shri Haren Patel. Over here I was given Group-Healing by members of Reiki Center Baroda after which my health improved a lot and I was able to walk without difficulty which was not possible earlier. On having such a good experience with Reiki I decided to learn Reiki and completed Three Levels. During my learning phase at Reiki Center Baroda my outlook towards life changed and started looking at each day as a new beginning. I am now able to do Self-Healing and also Heal others. I constantly do Distant-Healing to all my acquaintances. They all have come back to me with a very positive feedback. I am thankful to Shri Haren Patel with whose training has brought a positive change in my life.