Sharada Subbraman
      I was introduced to Reiki by Grandmaster Shri Haren Patel (Reiki Center Baroda) and have been practicing Reiki since September 2000. I was suffering from cervical and back pains due to which I used to live a very disturbed life. On completion of my First Level in Reiki I started Self-Healing to overcome these pains and since then I am able to live a normal life and have been able to go on with my daily chores. On completion of my Second Level I started healing my younger son an Autistic child who would remain disturbed most of the times. With Reiki I could see positive changes in my son; he started remaining calm developed interests in Music, Arts and Yoga. In another incidence my other child had met with an accident and had open wounds in his arms and leg. By giving healing with Reiki I could notice positive difference and his wound had healed completely in few days. In yet another incidence in my family; my husband wanted to go ahead with Voluntary Retirement from his Government Job which at that moment of time looked to be impossible and my husband used to stay depressed because of this. I started giving Reiki and in a short time I was able to see positive changes - my husband coming out of depression, his Voluntary Retirement being approved and he getting a good job overseas.

Another incidence that I would like to mention over here is that by Distant-Healing my father, suffering from Parkinson disease and bed-ridden, started taking normal diet and able to move around with very little help.

In all I can say that Reiki increased my mental strength and has given me an ability to tackle difficult situations of life with positive way.